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About Us

Turning design into positive change

Komunity Design is a creative consulting agency that approaches design in a social, inclusive and participatory manner. We bring a renewed focus to people, relationships, beliefs and practices to the community to uncover new ways to make design a force for positive change.

Design runs deeper than the aesthetics and includes systems, institutions and services. It is inherently social, collaborative and inclusive and no longer an activity limited to designers in the confines of a studio.

We believe that design includes the material as well as the non-material.

Similar to first impressions: the suit, the smile, and how one talks - design is the first impression of a company. This encompasses the logo, the brand, the service and the people behind it. Our role is to create the bridge for company brands to engage with the community in a meaningful and sustainable way through design.

Prior to setting up Komunity Design we asked ourselves how we could aid the little blue planet in our own way. During the pandemic we got to work and set up bases in Malaysia and Singapore in order to reach and connect with those that could assist and those that needed support. After working with companies through branding, packaging and website development we realized that if everyone were to play a part, the strength of the community would amplify the positive change.

From community work to environmental projects we would look at all the possible avenues that would benefit society.

Design runs deeper than the aesthetics

The Team


Aaron Yeo

Aaron has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University at Buffalo The State University of New York. Aaron’s background is in promotion, marketing and project management where he has worked with several NGOs, and lead several nation wide events in Singapore.


Niloufer O

A.K.A. Nilo has always been drawn towards creative design. After completing her business degree she threw herself into learning anything and everything about design. Design not being confined to just one aspect allowed her curiosity to lead from branding to creating websites.

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