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Jeremy’s Chicks is a Malaysian delivery kitchen serving different flavors of chicken rice in the Kuala Lumpur metropolitan region. Chicken rice is a local dish that is a popular comfort food and can be found in many restaurants, local eateries and street stalls (hawkers).


Since they lacked a physical restaurant, they reached out to us to develop and design a website that would tell their story and put a face behind their brand.

jeremy's chicks macbook mockup


Based on information provided from the initial meeting we presented several design directions that we felt would resonate well with them. Unfortunately a change in leadership at Jeremy’s Chicks resulted in us remedying an unpublished website that they already possessed.

jeremy's chicks front page

The design direction that received some positive feedback was the direction where a typewriter font was chosen and graphical stamps were used throughout the website. The elements represented authenticity that was meant to reflect values of the brand that uses traditional recipes and fresh ingredients to make their dishes.

Our work was limited to several key alterations to provide consistency and improve usability.

  1. Choosing consistent and suitable fonts for websites
  2. Hero web banner design
  3. Order Now buttons upon hover for each order delivery platform to increase user-friendliness

The website was developed and designed with sustainable software in mind. The code was optimized and compressed to reduce the load time of the website; in turn requiring less energy output and a faster loading time.

jeremys chicks food delivery


As part of our efforts to engage the community, we looked into possible ways that Jeremy’s Chicks could engage the community in a meaningful way. We devised a payment scheme where several that waived the cost of key services if they were able to give back to the community. This sparked a campaign where each delivery partner delivering food for them was provided a meal for each order that was made.

Another scheme had them show support for a local food stall that came under some hard times due to lockdown restrictions. Jeremy’s Chicks placed a large order from them and then matched the same order and donated the food to a local orphanage.

jeremys chicks style

As a show of appreciation, we are extending a meal on us.

jeremys chicks Chuan Kee Chicken Rice one of the best chicken rice stalls in Subang Jaya


As of June 2021 Jeremy’s Chicks had a change in managment. The initiatives were not carried forward with the new team and there has been no further information or follow through for any of the initiatives. The impact to their selected beneficiaries in the past could not be accurately accessed. A more through needs analysis study could have been but in place to optimize the existing resources for maximum impact.

jeremys chicks Lighthouse Children Welfare Home Association

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