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Answers to possible questions.

Depending on the project each community engagement is specific to the business. We hold discussions with the business partners regarding where they would like to contribute socially and/ or environmentally. For example, if print projects are to be undertaken we would suggest using environmentally friendly print vendors and/ or contribute to planting trees.
Our fees are project based. Each project is specific to the client and business requirements. Our consultation is free of charge and we would typically provide several price ranges that could be anywhere between SGD 3,000 / MYR 10,000 - SGD 35,000 / MYR 100,000. We treat all projects equally by providing the highest quality.
A logo is how your business and brand presents itself to the world. Having a logo does not automatically solve every problem. Without brand assets and supporting attributes the logo by itself is one dimensional. We provide businesses with a strong and clear brand message that may encompass an identity, a logo, assets, attributes and other design and system elements.
We will work with any assets which may have been established to achieve your objectives. If the assets are unsuitable or does not adept to the new business objectives we may suggest new assets.
During our consultation we will conduct a research and discovery phase. Depending on the project's requirements and complexity, we may conduct several discussions to properly develop solutions. The whole process could take anywhere from a month to six months. We will do our best to work with deadlines that you may have.
Working with a good designer is an ongoing relationship that will help create a clear brand voice for your business. A good, experienced designer is like having a good portfolio manager that will save and invest your money in the right places to avoid a multitude of possibly brand mistakes. We believe in collaboration and if we are not the best fit we would be willing to recommend others.